World Motion strives to inform and enlighten the people of the Earth in a lighthearted and entertaining way.

We want to encourage all people to take ACTION!

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About Us

In early 2015, a multi talented hip hop artist, a married mother of two, and a singer/song writer got together and decided to realize their long time mission - mobilize common people to tackle the environmental problems we face today. We decided to call it World Motion.

Your purchase of this enviro song mp3 will help us sustain our efforts.
At least half of the proceeds will be donated to World Motion.

Steps in Our Mission

Raise Awareness for environmental issues

We will be launching a series of comedic videos on various streaming networks to grab the attention of the modern viewer. We want to stay as positive as possible, while still implementing a sense of sincerity when addressing issues with the environment. First, is the launch of “The Earth Challenge” which you can get actively involved with now! Click here to find out more.

Collect donations to develop a workforce for the Environment

Because the organization and concept we have developed is a new idea and still a “seedling” in the world, we need to raise a little cash to make our vision a reality. We would like to develop a non-profit like none other, where all operations are in house. NO OUTRAGEOUS SPENDING of the budget here at World Motion. We want to train and employ entrepreneurs, marketers, finance departments, human resources, a workforce, and etc… Any money spent, will be to expand World Motion and assist the preservation of the Environment.

Pin-point areas in need of treatment for various environmental reasons

Areas of environmental need change with climate, natural disasters, population behavior, and events. To list areas of need at the moment would be unnecessary, as the objectives may change as time progresses. Besides we’re not the only ones making a difference in the World, we’re just the only ones tackling all issues and discussing exponential growth of a workforce that will preserve the environment.

Employ unemployed workers and deploy to administer treatment to the area

Although we’ve seen unemployment at a much higher level a couple of years back, we realize that it is still a real problem for some. What better to boost the economy then to provide jobs that clean up the Environment. It’s a win-win situation. Some say there is not enough work to go around and supply everyone with the essentials they need to live. Well the Environment has tons of work that needs to be done. Thing is there isn’t any monetary profit in cleaning the Environment and unfortunately the only monetary profit that comes from the environment is via its destruction. Which is why we need everyone to help out!

What differentiates this nonprofit organization from the rest? It is multi faceted.

First, we don't attempt to grasp the attention of people by preaching to them. We entertain them and make it fun to participate. Comedic videos and catchy song writing are the route we plan to travel to extend our reach!

Second, we reform people to develop the mentality that we ourselves can make a huge contribution to the environment - not the politicians, not the organizations, not the government, and not someone else. The Earth, your Earth, is your resposibility to take care of. It is the people themselves who can start making the difference by acting now, not tomorrow. We are strong believers that a small act can go a long way.

Third, we believe in creating jobs and opportunities to the less willing. We will utilize our monetary resources to provide employment opportunities to those willing to join the mission of ours. That's right. We enlighten, inform, entertain, encourage folks to start contributing to earth, while mobilize a group of people to tackle environmental crises.

Fourth, our mission is not limited to the US. We plan to extend our efforts to any location in the world with environmental crises. Our first project is the water shortage and creating awareness of the depletion of our fresh water sources increasing by billions of cubic tons per year.

What We Do

We educate and encourage people to do something for the planet. We do not bore you or preach at you. We want to make participation a fun experience. We convince people that they can indeed make a difference, without involving government, politicians or organizations. As individuals, we can have a huge impact in helping the environment. We teach that even small acts and changes in behavior will have a positive impact on our world.

Our Plan

We will produce songs and entertaining videos that have an environmental theme. We will engage people so that they want to change their behaviors and take actions that help protect and heal the environment. We will start in the U.S., where both small and large scale crises occur regularly. Our help will be available where it is needed the most. We will convince local governments that they need to prioritize and focus on environmental issues for both the short and long term. We also want to help other environmental organizations achieve their goals. At World Motion we never understood why Environmental agencies weren’t doing more. Where’s the education, the money for marketing, and the money for expansion. Why do they spend millions of dollars throwing events insteads of finding a way to throw events conservatively and save money for resource to help their cause? Why do they utilize expenses and overly spend to lower the adjusted gross income on the corporation? It just doesn’t make sense and we plan to ensure that every donation benefits the Earth!

Issues We Face Today

Environmental crises happen all over the world, and in the U.S. alone we have many issues today. Coal mine byproducts are poisoning rivers and lakes in many states, and yet coal mining activities are increasing due to the demand for power. The largest produce supplier, California, has a 1 year fresh water supply left (based on the level of the past 10 years of farming.) Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific coasts have caused much damage. There is an increasing dependence on power plants using fossil fuels. Major cities in the U.S. have dangerous levels of air particles produced by fumes from plants. Resolving issues like these requires a grassroots movement that demands change at its fundamental level. We understand their is a battle and a long road ahead of us, and that the idea of getting rid of factories and the cause of pollutants requires a huge shift in the way of living that society has become accustomed to. We can make a difference and change the inevitable destruction of the planet. But it’s got to start with you! If you donate, but do not consciously educate yourself on how to live your life and keep the environment safe, it is not beneficial to the movement. So all though we need donations to preserve the Environment, future compliance is of much more importance!